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Analysis of the function and function of aromatherapy humidifier

sanzhong 2022-07-07

Analysis of the function and function of aromatherapy humidifier


Aromatherapy humidifier, also known as aromatherapy machine, has both air purification and humidification functions, and is widely used in indoor air-conditioning environments, such as homes, offices, gyms, etc. What exactly is an aromatherapy humidifier? It's about to be unveiled for you.



Are aromatherapy humidifiers harmful to the human body?


The aromatherapy humidifier uses high-frequency ultrasonic technology, which can atomize aromatherapy essential oils and purified water to nanometer-level tiny particles, and the concentration in the air is very small. After a long time of repeated testing, the aromatherapy humidifier is harmless to the human body.


Pure natural aromatherapy essential oils can form a cold mist with water molecules and emit in the air, which can fill the whole space with fragrance, and can also keep the room at a high humidity. The negative oxygen ions generated can also purify the air and achieve aromatherapy effects. .


Of course, for a completely closed indoor environment, if the concentration of aroma volatiles in aromatherapy is too high, inhaling too strong aroma for a long time will also affect people, which will not occur under normal use and operation. . Some high-quality aromatherapy humidifiers will automatically stop working when there is no water in the machine, allowing users to use them with confidence.


Can you add perfume to the aromatherapy humidifier?


Some users are not very satisfied with the aroma type of aromatherapy essential oils and want to add their favorite perfume flavor. Will this affect the aromatherapy humidifier?


Since the aromatherapy humidifier uses ultrasonic atomization technology, perfume is a volatile liquid, adding a small amount of perfume to pure water, the aromatherapy humidifier can also work normally, and can emit the perfume smell into the air.


It is worth noting that when adding fragrance to the aromatherapy humidifier, try not to add essential oils. Due to the different types of fragrances and essential oils, the fragrance comfort of the fragrance may be affected. The use of a single type can fill the room with your favorite smell



What are the functions of aromatherapy humidifiers


Aromatherapy humidifiers are mainly used in indoor environments and have the following functions:


1. Purify the air (anion + ozone = natural air cleaner).


 2. Improve environmental sanitation (decomposition of formaldehyde and benzene left over from the manufacturing process of new cars, new houses, and new furniture).


3. Enhance immunity (improvement of immune system -the third type of medical technology).


 4. Improve lung capacity (deep breathing + more oxygen).


 5. Help the respiratory tract to improve nasal sensitivity and asthma and other problems (plant essential oil + ozone + phytoncide).


 6. Decompose second-hand smoke and eradicate the source of odor (ozone).


 7. Endocrine management, emotional management, soothe irritability, relieve stress.


 8. Accelerate cell metabolism, stimulate cell activity, and increase skin light.     


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