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Precautions for the use of air humidifiers

sanzhong 2022-07-07

Precautions for the use of air humidifiers


In autumn and winter, the room is dry, and the air-conditioned room is also dry in summer. It is inevitable to use a humidifier. However, if used improperly, there will also be some unintended consequences, and may even cause respiratory diseases.


Here are some precautions when using a humidifier:


1. The first use should be placed at room temperature for half an hour before turning it on.


2. Use the ambient temperature of 10-40 degrees.


3. Use clean water with a temperature below 40 degrees.


4. Keep away from other home appliances when the machine is working.


5. Do not add additives from non-professional production lines to the water.


6. Do not place the humidifier on a hollow object to avoid common frequency resonance noise.


7. Do not turn it on without water.


8. Regular maintenance and cleaning


The surface of the transducer is prone to scale when it is working. If it is not regularly maintained and cleaned, the load of the transducer will increase and the indicator will not work properly.


9. It is recommended to use distilled water and purified water, which can effectively prolong the service life of the machine.


No additives are allowed in the humidifier water tank. The humidifier is different from the aromatherapy machine. The ordinary humidifier is not resistant to corrosion, which is not conducive to the long-term use of the humidifier, and may also damage human health.



What is the correct way to use a humidifier?


1. The humidifier cannot be used for a long time


For the human body, it is not that the higher the air humidity, the better. Generally, if the air humidity exceeds 50% or 60%, it will cause harm to the human body.


Under normal circumstances, when the room temperature is 25°C, the relative humidity of the environment should be controlled at 40-50%; when the room temperature is 18°C, the relative humidity of the environment should be controlled at 30-40%. Therefore, when using a humidifier, it is necessary to control the time.Generally, it is adjusted according to the power of the humidifier. When you feel that the air is not so dry, you can turn it off and turn it on again after a while. You can put a hygrometer in the room to control it.


2 Eat more lung-moistening fruits


When the air humidity is high, it is more likely to breed bacteria, causing large particles to be suspended in the air, which can cause lung discomfort if inhaled into the lungs.


Therefore, when the humidifier is often turned on, eat more fruits that moisten the lungs, such as big pears, rock sugar Sydney water, or traditional Chinese medicine drinks with Qiuli cream.


3. The humidifier should be cleaned regularly


The humidifier should be cleaned frequently, because most of the time the humidifier is placed by your side, and the spit out mist will surround you. Do not directly inhale the mist, which is not good for people's health. At this time, if there is dust in the humidifier, it will be inhaled into the lungs and cause damage to the body.


4. The humidifier is best filled with pure water


In addition to regular cleaning of the humidifier, doctors also recommend that we try to use pure water and use less tap water. Because there are many minerals in tap water, it becomes mist and sprayed into the air, which will more easily breed bacteria and cause harm to the body.


5. Use with caution in patients with arthritis


If you have arthritis patients at home, try not to use a humidifier, and use sprinklers and water basins to increase the air humidity. Arthritis patients will experience severe pain on rainy days. Increasing the air humidity is creating an atmosphere of rainy weather. Therefore, it should be used with caution.


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