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About Aroma Diffusers and Humidifiers

sanzhong 2022-09-15

About Aroma Diffusers and Humidifiers

Different regions and seasonal changes tend to create some relatively dry environments. People often experience varying degrees of dryness on their skin, and some people with nose allergies feel more uncomfortable when the weather is dry. But most of the time we are doing indoor activities. Therefore, more and more household appliances to improve the indoor environment emerge in an endless stream, among which aroma diffusers and humidifiers are the most popular. After years of development, aromatherapy machines and humidifiers have gradually been integrated into people's home life.



There is a little difference between aroma diffuser and humidifier

The aroma diffuser is designed for essential oil users. With the addition of high-quality essential oils, diffused aromatic molecules purify the air. Due to the soothing properties of aromatherapy, people can enjoy aromatherapy through a diffuser in any season, especially in dry, air-conditioned indoor environments.Aromatherapy, disinfection, air purification,interior decoration,anytime,anywhere.The main function of the humidifier is to humidify and replenish the moisture in the air. It is a household appliance that increases the humidity of the air.

In order to avoid the corrosion of pure plant essential oils, many popular humidifiers on the market can only use pure water and have a single function. It is also because pure plant essential oils are easy to corrode ordinary plastic containers. Therefore, aroma diffusers generally use PP or other corrosion-resistant materials that can be used with essential oils. In the research and development stage, SANZON's ultrasonic aromatherapy machine series products have comprehensively studied the characteristics of mainstream pure plant essential oils. After careful research, the use of ABS-PP core raw materials has well solved the corrosion problem of plant essential oils. SANZON applied this material technology to the humidifier, and developed a corrosion-resistant aromatherapy humidifier that can add plant essential oils, and the two are well integrated.


SANZON Aroma Diffuser and   Aroma Diffuser Humidifier are developed for the adaptability of plant essential oils from the aspects of material selection, product structure design, core atomizing film, electronic circuits and components, and can be described as the best companion oil for new products. Production of plant essences. Volatile plant essential oils and SANZON aroma diffusers can more thoroughly retain and utilize the essence and active ingredients of every drop of plant essential oils, quickly distributing delicate aromatic molecules to every corner.



SANZON Aroma Diffusers and Aroma Humidifiers are designed for essential oil lovers. The research and development of each product follows the humanized design and convenient user interface, so that users can get a good experience. Replacing essential oils with our aromatherapy machine is simple and easy to operate. The humidifier water tank has a simple design and structure, and it is very simple to use or clean and maintain. In addition, our products have low power consumption, save power and resources, even if applied all day, the power consumption is very low, which is the best choice for home decoration and improving the quality of life. In terms of configuration, SANZON uses a dedicated adapter, which can not only further reduce power consumption, but also maximize the performance of the product while ensuring safety.

Now everyone has begun to widely use air humidifiers, the purpose is to increase the air humidity in the room. The humidifier factory now produces a wide variety of humidifiers, and the OEM humidifier manufacturers have studied many patterns. Many people think that the use of a humidifier is simple, but learning some professional skills can do more with less. Today, I will introduce to you the correct way to use the humidifier.

1. Tap water cannot be added directly. Tap water generally contains a lot of minerals, which can damage the humidifier and pollute the air. It is best to use purified or distilled water.

2. It is recommended to change the water every day and clean it once a week. The humidifier should have its water changed daily and preferably cleaned once a week to prevent the spread of microorganisms in the water into the air.

3. The air needs to be cleaned. 1. Keep the room clean and avoid pollution sources. Of course, it is best to use a humidifier with a purification function to effectively filter harmful particles and dust in the air to achieve the dual effect of air purification and humidification.

4. Pay attention to the placement. The humidifier should be placed on a stable plane 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters high from the ground to ensure the humidification effect.

5. The water should be clean and avoid pouring tap water directly into the water tank. The correct way is to boil the water and pour it into the water tank after it cools down, which can not only kill the bacteria in the water, but also volatilize the chlorine gas. Conditional can boil pure water, add it after cooling, the effect is the best.

6. The humidity should be suitable. When using a humidifier, the indoor humidity should be well controlled. A healthy humidity environment is 45% to 65%.





Most OEM humidifier wholesalers are familiar with the correct use of humidifiers, and humidifier manufacturers will also write instructions on the packaging. So how do you clean a humidifier?

Before cleaning the humidifier, unplug the power supply, drain the water in the humidifier, and then clean the humidifier with a descaling agent. You can wait for the descaling agent to dissolve and soak for a while, then use a small brush to gently scrub the inside of the sink. Wash it several times with clean water, dry it with a clean towel, and place the humidifier in a ventilated place to dry.

Humidifiers are used in everyday life. When the weather is dry, put a humidifier in the room to humidify the room so that the skin doesn't get very dry. But humidifiers get dirty over time. Regular cleaning is enough. Do not turn on the power before cleaning, you need to unplug the humidifier to avoid electric shock.

Be sure to unplug it, put some descaling agent in the humidifier, let the descaling agent dissolve in the humidifier for a moment, and after soaking, gently scrub the inside of the sink with a clean toothbrush or small brush. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush, as a hard-bristled brush can easily damage the humidifier.


Aromatherapy machine and humidifier have similarities, so what is the principle of aromatherapy machine? How is it different from a humidifier?


The aroma diffuser uses an air pump to decompose water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into nano-scale cold mist with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns, which is distributed in the surrounding air, filling the air with fragrance.




The difference between aroma diffuser and humidifier

1. Material

Ordinary humidifiers use ABS or AS plastic material as the water tank, which is not resistant to essential oil corrosion. Long-term use will cause the tank to corrode, cause rupture, and may release toxic gases into the air, affecting health. Most aroma diffusers are made of PP material. The chips and atomizers of the aroma diffuser are specially developed for essential oils and are resistant to oil, water and chemical corrosion. Therefore, by dripping essential oils into the aromatherapy machine, each drop of aromatherapy essence can be used more thoroughly, and the extremely delicate aromatherapy molecules can be quickly distributed to every corner. Safe and reliable to use.

In layman's terms: the advanced materials used in aromatherapy machines are better and safer than ordinary materials.

 2. Technology

The ultrasonic oscillation power of ordinary humidifiers is insufficient, and aromatherapy essential oils cannot be decomposed and released. There may be some essential oils and discarded aromatherapy oils left on the walls of the tank. The ultrasonic vibration technology used in the aromatherapy machine can atomize the water molecules to the nanometer level, the mist particles are uniform and small, and the residence time is long, which can effectively disperse the aromatherapy essential oil into the air, so that we can bathe in the fragrant air. Therefore, the ultrasonic aromatherapy machine can not only generate negative ions, but also have a humidification function. The mist particles produced by humidifiers are larger and stay in the air for a shorter period of time.

3. Use

Ordinary OEM humidifiers are prone to dirt after use due to their common materials, and are difficult to clean with cleaning fluids. Atomizer chips can also clog and age. The aromatherapy machine is processed by a special process, which is very convenient to use and clean.


Dry air will directly lead to the increase of inhalable particulate matter in the air and the increase of floating dust, resulting in air pollution. According to statistics, about 40,000 people die prematurely each year due to air pollution. That said, dry air threatens people's health.

A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air, often used to relieve dryness. They are commonly used in homes, office buildings and other interior spaces. The main function of a humidifier is to increase the moisture in the air, which is good for both health and comfort.



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