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Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition in the second half of 2022

sanzhong 2022-08-12


About Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition


   According to PR Newswire, the Global Sources Autumn Exhibition will be held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from October 11 to 14 this year, which will be a grand event for global B2B trade. It is understood that the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition plans to select 4,000 high-quality suppliers, and the industry involves various categories such as computers, consumer electronics, household items, kitchen utensils and so on.


Epidemic prevention and control situation


   Nowadays, mainland China does not need to be quarantined when going to Hong Kong, so this exhibition may attract more mainland suppliers, and Hong Kong now needs to adopt a 7+3 quarantine policy when returning to the mainland, that is, centralized isolation for 7 days and three days at home. isolation. Affected by the three-year epidemic, it is not convenient for merchants from many countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition on the spot. Today, the form of international trade has changed before the epidemic has spread. The Chinese government has firm confidence in epidemic prevention and control, and strives to prevent the occurrence of The large-scale infection situation makes it inconvenient for many foreign businesses to come to China.


Online and offline synchronization


   Taking into account various factors, the exhibition will attract buyers to participate in the exhibition through a combination of online and offline methods. On the one hand, it receives on-site exhibitors through the traditional offline exhibition format, and on the other hand, it synchronizes the exhibition content through social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Hope to do our best to play the biggest role of this exhibition.


   It is understood that Global Sources has previously sent invitations to more than 1.5 million buyers around the world. This exhibition is expected to attract more than 20,000 offline buyers to participate in the exhibition. It is estimated that more than 100,000 "cloud buyers" will watch the exhibition on the online platform. . As a local enterprise in China mainland, our company has signed up to participate in this exhibition.




Exhibitors - Sanzon


   Sanzon is located in the famous industrial city, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Our company was established in 2017, the company mainly deals in aromatherapy machines and humidifiers. Since its establishment, our company has always regarded innovation and development as the foundation of the enterprise. At present, our company has a factory area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. The company has engineering department, design department, production department, business department and other departments, and has a complete production chain such as mold room, injection molding workshop, printing workshop, and assembly workshop. The daily output is 7,000 pieces, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places.


   Our company adheres to the concept of quality creates the future, creates a good corporate image, strictly controls the quality of products, and strives to avoid defective products in the delivered products. In addition, our company pays great attention to customer needs. We have professional laser machines, screen printing equipment, plastic sealing machines, and support OEM/ODM customization services, which can meet the individual needs of customers' product logos, packaging, functions and design new products. After several years of development, our company has continued to innovate in products, from the original one model of machine to now has dozens of models of products.




 Recently, our company has been keenly aware of the market trend and launched a new model of Bluetooth flame humidifier. This product combines the humidification function with the function of Bluetooth connection to play music. Amount of domestic and foreign orders.





 Humidifiers and aromatherapy machines


Nowadays, people's living standards are constantly improving, and more and more people are beginning to pursue high-quality quality of life. Humidifiers and aromatherapy machines continue to enter more and more people's homes. Not only that, affected by the epidemic, many people feel that their living environment has become depressed and their spirits need to be relaxed. Aromatherapy machines and humidifiers are good products to help people improve their quality of life and relieve mental stress. The aromatherapy machines and humidifiers produced by our company use the technology of ultrasonic atomization, which decomposes essential oils into essential oil molecules and diffuses them into the air through ultrasonic waves. The noise of the machine studio is less than 30 decibels, which is suitable for environments such as offices and homes. While ensuring quietness, the misted essential oil diffused into the air through the machine will be absorbed by people, which can purify the air to improve the environment and relieve stress to enjoy aromatherapy.





Contact us


Before this time, our company participated in the 30th Shenzhen International Gift Fair in June this year. At the exhibition, we met excellent merchants from all over the world and gained many high-quality customers. It is understood that this exhibition will announce the booth number in September. At that time, our company will bring all kinds of classic and new products and sincerely invite you to participate in the exhibition. I believe that at this exhibition, merchants from all over the world will be attracted by the products and capabilities of SANZON, and feel our full sincerity in cooperation.


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